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Panther Academy


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Panther Academy is designed to meet the needs of exceptional students who are ready to pursue college-level work.  A Panther Academy student takes dual credit courses, allowing students to earn college credit while working towards meeting graduation requirements. As part of this program students have the opportunity to graduate from high school with the college hours required to earn an Associate’s Degree at Navarro College.   In addition to the grades earned at MHS, upon completion of the courses, students receive college grades and credit.  These grades become a part of a student’s college transcript.  For this reason, Maypearl High School encourages students and parents to strongly consider a student’s ability to manage time effectively, work independently, and to successfully complete college-level work. 

Maypearl High School has the following eligibility requirements for students to participate in Panther Academy:

  • Qualifying test scores (see information for minimum scores; scores are not required for Cosmetology)
  • Scheduling availability.  Core courses are scheduled first; courses required for graduation are priority.
  • Semester average of 85 or better for a regular class or satisfactory grades in an honors or dual credit class.
  • Satisfactory Performance on related STAAR/EOC test for the prior year
  • Teacher Recommendation
  • Completed Panther Academy Application
  • Completed Navarro College application, including signed parent permission form.
  • Reliable computer and printer access is recommended (except for Cosmetology)
  • Cosmetology ONLY:

o        Have transportation to and from Cosmetology campus

o        Provide all related kit/supply fees.

  Currently Maypearl High School is partnered with Navarro College for dual credit offerings.